ICLG Patent Flat Fee Schedule – 2019

US Utility Patent Our Fee USPTO Fees (small entity*) & Vendor Fees Total
Initial Filing of Non-provisional Application
Drafting non-provisional

(rates vary by level of complexity: low, medium, high)

Low: $6-9K

Medium: $10-15K

High: $16K+

USPTO: $785+

Drawings: $200+




Filing US National Stage Application based on PCT

Initial Filing Service includes:

·    Making Priority Claim

·    Preparing formal documents

·    Non‑substantive formality review

·     Non-substantive edits



USPTO: $790+


Filing drafted US Non-Provisional including Initial Filing Service above $570 USPTO: $785+ $1,355+
Office Action Responses
Drafting Office Action (OA) responses

(rates vary by level of complexity: low, medium, high)



Conducting examiner interviews (phone/video)

Low: $500-$1,500

Medium: $1,500-3,000

High: $3,000+



Ongoing Patent Prosecution
Forwarding OA without review

Filing signed Patent Assignment

Filing IDS**

Filing PPH Request

Filing OA response drafted by outside counsel
(formality review only)

Paying issue fee, sending original Patent Certificate, and docketing maintenance (renewal) deadlines

Ongoing prosecution









Flat rates










Patent Maintenance/Renewal      
Paying 1st maintenance fee (3½ yrs)

Paying 2nd maintenance fee (7½ yrs)

Paying 3rd maintenance fee (11½ yrs)




USPTO: $800

USPTO: $1,800

USPTO: $3,700




*Small Entity status generally refers to individual applicants, companies with less than 500 employees, and universities or other institutions of higher education.  USPTO fees for large entities are double.

**$40 courtesy discount if foreign prior art references and English abstracts are provided, or if US prior art only.


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