ICLG Trademark Flat Fee Schedule – 2019

  Attorney’s Fee USPTO Fees* Total** 
Trademark Application Package      
Filing trademark application with a single class of goods/services

Flat rate includes:

1) USPTO Trademark Knockout Search ($350 value);

2) Initial filing with proposed modification of identification of goods/services;

3) Reporting and responding to non-refusal Office Actions;

4) Multiple filing bases;

5) Priority claim;

6) Submitting copy of foreign registration and deleting Intent-To-Use (ITU) filing basis, if necessary

$700 $275 $975
Multi-Class Application: for 2nd and each additional class of goods/services in same application (includes knockout search)

Multiple Single-Class Applications: for 2nd application and each additional application all filed at same time

$350 $275 $625/addl class
Trademark Searches  
USPTO Trademark Knockout Search

*included in Trademark Application Package above

$350/class $350/class
Ongoing Trademark Prosecution
Reporting and responding to Office Action rejections refusing registration Flat Rate Variable Flat rate plus any USPTO fees
Filing Allegation/Statement of Use

·         Intent-To-Use (ITU) apps only

$275/class $100/class $375/class
Filing Request for Extension of Time to submit use evidence (ITU only) $255/class $125/class $375/class 
Registration Stage (sending original certificate of registration, docketing renewal deadlines, email reminders of renewal deadlines) $250 $250
Recording Assignment (single app/reg) $265 $40 $305
Trademark Renewals  
Preparing and filing Section 8 or 71 & 15 Statement

·  Between 5th & 6th yr after registration date

$600/class $325/class $925/class
Preparing and filing Section 8 & 9 Renewal

·  Between 9th & 10th year after registration date

$600/class $425/class $1,025/class
Preparing and filing Section 71 Statement

·  Between 9th & 10th year after registration date

$600/class $125/class $725/class
Foreign Trademark Filings  
Preparing and filing Madrid Protocol Application Starting at $600 Variable Free estimate available
Foreign trademark application per non-Madrid country $300 Variable Free estimate available

*Government and vendor fees subject to change

**Totals assume only 1 class of goods/services unless otherwise specified

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