How much is the initial filing price of a trademark application?

For a single class of goods or services, our firm’s price for the initial filing of a USPTO trademark application is $1,000, including a flat rate of $725 for our attorney’s fee plus a USPTO filing fee of $275.

This initial filing price includes a knockout search of the mark in your particular class at no additional charge. If we find any trademark filings that present high risks of rejection, we will advise you before filing your trademark application and give you the option of having another mark searched for an additional fee of $375.

If your goods or services are covered under multiple classes, you have the option of filing a single multi-class application or multiple single-class applications. In either case, the initial filing price will be the same at $1,000 for each additional class, including our $725 flat fee plus $275 USPTO fee.

What additional costs should be expected after filing a trademark application?

If your application was filed based on an Intent-To-Use and you plan on submitting evidence of trademark usage in the future, then expect an additional cost of $400 per class to file the Statement of Use, including our $300 flat rate plus $100 USPTO fee.

If you receive a substantive Office Action that is refusing registration of your mark on the grounds of rejections such as likelihood of confusion or merely descriptive mark, the estimated cost for a response to a substantive Office Action starts at $1,500 and typically falls between $2,000 to $2,800. You should also understand that there is no guarantee of success in arguing against a substantive refusal of registration.

For a more comprehensive list of trademark prosecution costs, please refer to our fee schedule below.

ICLG Trademark Flat Fee Schedule – 2020

  Attorney’s Fee USPTO Fees* Total** 
Trademark Application Package      
Filing trademark application with a single class of goods/services

Flat rate includes:

1) USPTO Trademark Knockout Search ($350 value);

2) Initial filing with proposed modification of identification of goods/services;

3) Reporting and responding to non-refusal Office Actions;

4) Multiple filing bases;

5) Priority claim;

6) Submitting copy of foreign registration and deleting Intent-To-Use (ITU) filing basis, if necessary

$725/class $275/class $1,000/class
Trademark Searches  
USPTO Trademark Knockout Search

*included in Trademark Application Package above

$375/class $375/class
Ongoing Trademark Prosecution
Reporting and responding to Office Action rejections refusing registration Flat Rate Variable Flat rate plus any USPTO fees
Filing Allegation/Statement of Use

·         Intent-To-Use (ITU) apps only

$300/class $100/class $400/class
Filing Request for Extension of Time to submit use evidence (ITU only) $275/class $125/class $400/class 
Registration Stage (sending original certificate of registration, docketing renewal deadlines, email reminders of renewal deadlines) $150 $150 + disbursements
Recording Assignment (single app/reg) $160 $40 $200
Trademark Renewals  
Preparing and filing Section 8 or 71 & 15 Statement

·  Between 5th & 6th yr after registration date

$600/class $325/class $925/class
Preparing and filing Section 8 & 9 Renewal

·  Between 9th & 10th year after registration date

$600/class $425/class $1,025/class
Preparing and filing Section 71 Statement

·  Between 9th & 10th year after registration date

$600/class $125/class $725/class
Foreign Trademark Filings  
Preparing and filing Madrid Protocol Application Starting at $600 Variable Free estimate available
Foreign trademark application per non-Madrid country $300 Variable Free estimate available

*Government and vendor fees subject to change

**Totals assume only 1 class of goods/services unless otherwise specified

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