About Vic

I am a Christian and a patent attorney specializing in IP for startups and entrepreneurs. I’m also a cofounder of Innovation Capital Law Group, a boutique law firm focused on helping startups in IP and corporate and securities law.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with rock solid IP that facilitates funding, growth and sales. We accomplish this through honest guidance and transparent flat fee billing.

Core Values

Our TRUE core values guide the way we serve our clients.

Transparent billing

Our firm charges fixed fees for patent and trademark filings. For utility patent applications, we provide a flat fee estimate for the initial filing after reviewing your invention disclosure. We also offer flat rate responses to USPTO Office Actions.


Yes, we actually return phone calls and emails promptly. Our clients receive timely updates on their IP applications and reminders in advance of deadlines.


We love representing the Davids battling the Goliaths. If you’re a founder feeling left out by big law firms, let us know how we can help.


Though we value efficiency and running a lean operation, we care even more about efficacy. The majority of our clients are startups and small businesses who must wisely invest their limited resources for IP protection. So we apply our expertise to make honest recommendations for a smarter path to IP success. Here are examples of our efficacy:

Let’s Get to Work!

Schedule a free initial consultation at our Irvine office to discuss how to best protect your IP. We can also meet via join.me or Skype.

vlin@icaplaw.com  |  Direct: 949.223.9623

Skype: ipattorney  |  @myipattorney  |  www.linkedin.com/in/linvic/en

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Vic Lin

Vic Lin

Startup Patent Attorney | IP Lead Partner at Innovation Capital Law Group
If you are a startup or small business, we want to help. Our mission is to equip entrepreneurs with solid IP rights that facilitate funding, growth and sales. Let's get to work! Direct: 949.223.9623 | Email: vlin@icaplaw.com