Patent and Trademark Services

How do our IP services benefit you?

IP is an asset to help you make money. Intellectual property rights are all about exclusivity. How will an IP right, such as a patent or trademark, help your business make money by preventing others from copying? Our firm specializes in patent and trademark services that help our clients grow their business.

Our IP services fall under three broad categories:

  • Build IP;
  • Enforce IP; and
  • Challenge IP.

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How We Build Patents and Trademarks

We file patents and trademarks day in and day out. We specialize in IP prosecution which refers to the filing of patent and trademark applications. As a quick reference, see our patent and trademark filing services below. Moreover, we offer flat rate billing for our patent and trademark filings.

For foreign protection, we have built relationships with cost-effective and competent IP firms in China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, Europe and Latin America.

Design Patent Services

Every business should consider design patents as part of an overall IP strategy. We know what it takes to get your design patent granted. Here are our design patent services:

Utility Patent Services

We specialize in drafting and filing utility nonprovisional patent applications. Here are our key utility patent services:

Trademark Registration Services

When it comes to registering trademarks, we specialize in saving time and minimizing risks. Here are our trademark filing services:

In addition to filing trademark and patent applications, we do handle adversarial matters, such as TTAB trademark oppositions and cancellations, and challenges to patent applications and trademark registrations.

How We Enforce Patents and Trademarks

Enforcing your intellectual property rights against infringers is a serious matter. A winning strategy requires a carefully crafted plan that takes into account the budget of the IP owner.

Patent Enforcement

Amazon neutral patent evaluations may be a cost-effective way to stop Amazon sellers from infringing your patents. We help Amazon sellers enforce their patents against copycat competitors.

We can craft cease-and-desist letters to competitors copying your products.

If and when patent infringement litigation becomes necessary, we may be able to help you connect with a litigation funder or a contingency patent litigation firm to handle your patent lawsuit.

Trademark Enforcement

When it comes to trademark infringement, litigation is not the only way to enforce your rights. We can help you find and execute cost-effective trademark enforcement strategies like recording your trademark with US Customs and using Amazon Brand Registry to stop infringers.

How We Challenge Patents and Trademarks

In addition to a good offense, you may have to defend against IP claims that threaten to take away your legitimate sales. During those times when you need to step up and challenge invalid patents and trademark registrations, we know how to get it done.

Patent Challenges and Disputes

Getting a patent is one thing. Challenging patent rights is quite another. Here are ways we help clients defend or challenge patent rights:

Trademark Challenges

Your trademark protection strategy may involve both offense and defense. We know how to do both:

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