No More Paper Patents: Why Electronic Grant Matters to You

The Old Days: Paper Patent Certificates

It was only a matter of time. For those who prefer having physical originals, say goodbye to paper patent certificates. Perhaps the USPTO’s transition away from paper certificates is a good thing. I remember, for example, when the original patent certificate was required in filing a reissue application. Those who prefer to work from home now have one less reason to go to the office. Let’s explore how this transition to the electronic grant of patent certificates affects you.

When will eGrants begin?

Electronic patent issuance by the USPTO will begin on April 18, 2023.

How will the electronic grant of patents work?

Electronically issued patents can be viewed and downloaded on the date of issue in Patent Center. You will be able to print copies of your patent, including the patent cover, without having to request copies from the USPTO.

For any technical issues or troubleshooting, you can email or call 866-217-9197). Office hours are Monday through Friday, 6am to 12am Eastern.

Why does the electronic grant of patents matter to you?

When original paper certificates were sent, it would take the USPTO roughly 5-7 weeks from the payment of the issue fee to the grant date. This gave applicants more time to decide on whether to file a child application.

Remember, child applications must be filed before the parent application is granted. Since paper certificates will no longer be issued, the time from the issue fee payment to the electronic grant of the patent will be shorter. Patent owners will have less time to file a continuing application.

For this reason, applicants may want to hold off on paying the issue fee for an allowed patent application until a decision has been made on whether or not to file a child application.

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