How to Order US National Stage Application

How can you order a US national stage application based on your PCT application?

You can now order a flat rate US national phase application based on your PCT application. Simply go to our PCT US national stage page and enter your PCT application number to get started. Both IP attorneys and applicants/owners may place orders for US national stage entry based on a PCT application.

Can you get an instant quote for a US national stage initial filing for a small entity?

Our platform will provide a flat rate estimate for the initial filing of a US stage application for a small entity (e.g., individual inventors, company with fewer than 500 employees, academic institutions). Our fixed fees apply to all orders. We do not charge hourly billing for filing national phase applications in the US. USPTO government fees are shown for small entity applicants (e.g., individual inventors, companies with less than 500 employees, academic institutions). Additional government fees may apply depending upon the specifics of your application (e.g., excess claims).

Foreign Associates Get Inventor Declarations Instantly

If you are a foreign associate, email us to request a passcode. Once you order a US national stage application, our system will automatically generate inventor declarations with application details and inventor names!

Get instant inventor declarations which you can promptly send to clients for signature without waiting. What used to take days now takes only a few seconds with our innovative system. Time zone differences will not matter when our system can immediately send you inventor forms.

PCT Applicants Can Order US National Phase Applications

If you are the applicant, you may directly order a PCT US national stage application. Placing an order without having to use your local firm will save you legal fees. After submitting your PCT application number, enter your contact information and complete the required fields. You will then be directed to a payment page to collect the first part of the fee for filing your national stage application with the USPTO. Once we receive payment confirmation, our team will promptly send you required documents for signature, including inventor declarations and a Power of Attorney (POA).

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