Trademark opposition attorney fees: flat fee attorney fee schedule for TTAB oppositions and cancellations

Flat fee attorneys for trademark oppositions or cancellations?

My firm, Innovation Capital Law Group, offers flat rate attorney’s fees for IP matters, including a fee schedule of attorney’s fees and cost estimates for TTAB trademark oppositions and cancellations. Keep in mind that trademark opposition attorney fees may still vary for certain projects such as discovery. Our goal with our TTAB fixed fee schedule is to provide more certainty and transparency surrounding certain tasks are predictable in the course of a trademark opposition or cancellation.

How much does a trademark opposition cost?

The cost of a trademark opposition will depend upon how far you are willing to defend your trademark application. For an opposer, the cost will depend upon how far you want to prosecute the case and whether the defendant-applicant will fight back. Please see our fee schedule below for trademark opposition attorney fees.

What is the cost of a trademark cancellation?

A trademark cancellation will have the same cost estimates as a trademark opposition. The only difference is that you are dealing with a registered trademark in a cancellation as opposed to a pending application in an opposition. So there is a higher likelihood that the registration owner will fight back in comparison to an applicant who may be more willing to let their trademark application go abandoned.

Attorney Fee Schedule for TTAB Trademark Oppositions & Cancellations

Petitioner / Opposer   (Plaintiff)Respondent / Applicant   (Defendant)Running total  
Initial Matters
Notice of Opposition / Petition to Cancelstarting at $1,800 + USPTO fees  
Answer $1,800
Mandatory Discovery Conference$1,000$1,000$2,800+
Initial Disclosures$500$500$3,300+
Propounding Discovery Requestsstarting at $1,500starting at $1,500$4,800+
Responding to Discovery RequestsVariable   (approx.. $3-10K)Variable   (approx.. $3-10K)$8-15K
Reviewing Discovery ResponsesVariable   (approx.. $3-10K)Variable   (approx.. $3-10K)$11-25K
Expert Disclosures Due   (Optional)Variable   (approx.. $5-10K)Variable   (approx..  $5-10K)$21-55K
Motion Practice   
Motion for Summary Judgment (MSJ)Variable   (approx.. $7-20K)Variable   (approx.. $7-20K)$28-75K
Plaintiff’s Pretrial Disclosures$7-10K 
Plaintiff’s 30-day Trial Period$10-30K$5-15K to review
Defendant’s Pretrial Disclosures $7-10K
Defendant’s 30-day Trial Period$7-15K to review$10-30K
HearingVariable (approx.. $10-15K)Variable (approx.. $10-15K)
  approx.. $70-150K

Rates disclosed above consist of attorney’s fees only, and exclude third party costs (e.g., government filing fees, 3rd party vendors, etc.).  Actual fees may vary depending upon complexity of matter.

Need a trademark opposition attorney that bills flat fees?

Email trademark opposition attorney Vic Lin at or call (949) 223-9623 to schedule a free initial consultation on your trademark opposition or cancellation.

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