Where to find flat fee patent attorneys for filing patent and trademark applications at fixed rates

Flat fee patent applications

Flat fee patent attorneys provide greater transparency and certainty for clients seeking to budget patent applications. Our firm can provide fixed fee estimates for the initial filing of a utility or design patent application. We can also provide flat rate estimates for responding to patent rejections.

Initial filing costs of a utility nonprovisional patent application can vary widely depending upon the complexity of the invention and number of embodiments. My firm, Innovation Capital Law Group, publishes a fixed fee schedule for ongoing patent prosecution and provides flat rate estimates for drafting and filing a new utility non-provisional application after a brief initial review of an invention.

Patent attorney flat fees

We also offer flat rates for:

Flat fee trademark applications

Our firm can file your trademark application for a flat fee. Trademark applications tend to have a narrower range of ongoing costs than patent applications due to less complex subject matter. We also offer flat rates for trademark knockout searches which can substantially reduce the risk of a rejection from a USPTO examining attorney.

You want to control the total cost of a trademark application, and not just the initial filing. As much as it is within your control, it helps to reduce the risk of trademark rejections. Doing your due diligence before applying will enable you to choose a trademark that fits your business and has a greater probability of success at the USPTO.

Is an NDA required to speak to one of our patent attorneys?

No, an NDA is not required to speak to our patent attorneys (vs. non-lawyers such as patent agents) about your invention. In fact, our firm does not confidentiality agreements due to the high number of requests from potential clients.

Looking for a fixed rate patent attorney?

Reach out to trademark and patent attorney Vic Lin or call (949) 223-9623 to request a flat fee estimate for your patent application or trademark application.

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