How much does a trademark application cost?

What is the cost to file a trademark application?

The initial filing cost of a trademark application depends primarily on the attorney’s fee for filing. Our firm’s flat fee for the initial filing of a USPTO trademark application is $450 per class of goods/services, plus the USPTO filing fee of $250 or $350. So the total initial filing cost is either $700 or $800 per class depending upon how the goods or services are identified.

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Our initial filing price does not include a knockout search which may be conducted for an additional cost of $500 per class.

If your goods or services are covered under multiple classes, you have the option of filing a single multi-class application or multiple single-class applications. In either case, the initial filing price will be the same at $700 for each class.

What additional costs should be expected after filing a trademark application?

If your application was filed based on an Intent-To-Use, then expect an additional cost of $600 per class to file the Statement of Use. This flat fee includes our $500 flat rate plus the $100 USPTO fee.

If you receive a substantive Office Action that is refusing registration of your mark on the grounds of rejections such as likelihood of confusion or merely descriptive mark, the estimated cost for a response to a substantive Office Action starts at $2,500 and typically falls between $2,500 to $3,800. You should also understand that there is no guarantee of success in arguing against a substantive refusal of registration.

For a more comprehensive list of trademark prosecution costs, please refer to our fee schedule below.

Our Trademark Flat Fee Schedule

Attorney’s FeeUSPTO Fees*Total**
Trademark Application Package
Filing trademark application (per class of goods/services)   Flat rate includes: 1) Initial filing with proposed modification of identification of goods/services; 2) Reporting to non-refusal Office Actions; 3) Multiple filing bases; 4) Priority claim;$450/class$250/class$700/class
Trademark Searches  
USPTO Trademark Knockout Search   *not included in Initial Filing service above$500/class $500/class
Ongoing Trademark Prosecution   
Reporting and responding to Office Action rejections refusing registrationFlat RateVariableFlat rate plus any USPTO fees
Filing Allegation/Statement of Use   ·         Intent-To-Use (ITU) apps only$500/class$100/class$600/class
Filing Request for Extension of Time to submit use evidence (ITU only)$475/class$125/class$600/class
Responding to non-refusal Office Actionsstarts at $350 starts at $350
Recording Assignment (single app/reg)$150$40$190
Trademark Renewals  
Preparing and filing Section 8 or 71 & 15 Statement   ·  Between 5th & 6th yr after registration date$900/class$425/class$1,325/class
Preparing and filing Section 8 & 9 Renewal   ·  Between 9th & 10th year after registration date$900/class$525/class$1,425/class
Preparing and filing Section 71 Statement   ·  Between 9th & 10th year after registration date$900/class$225/class$1,125/class
Foreign Trademark Filings  
Preparing and filing Madrid Protocol ApplicationStarting at $600VariableFree estimate available
Foreign trademark application per non-Madrid country$300VariableFree estimate available

*Government and vendor fees subject to change

**Totals assume only 1 class of goods/services unless otherwise specified. USPTO fee may be $350 per class if we have to use special descriptions or identify more than 5 items in one class.

Need a competitive trademark application cost estimate?

Don’t just consider the initial filing cost of a trademark application and ignore the remaining application process. Think through the possible additional costs and delays of a trademark application filed incorrectly. Email Vic at or call (949) 223-9623 to request a flat fee estimate for your trademark filing that is geared towards minimizing additional costs and delays.

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