Where can I find IP resources for startups?

IP resources for startups

As an early stage startup, you cannot ignore the significance of IP. At the same time, your budget for protecting your IP may be limited. Where can startups go to find helpful IP resources? Let me list a few.

IP Checklist

A good place to start is an IP checklist.

What are trademark resources for startups?

Before incorporating, founders may want to search trademarks to see if their desired business name will cause problems.

Here is a helpful post on when to file trademark applications.

This article explains the differences between word marks and design marks.

What are patent resources for startups?

If you’re not even sure whether a patent is worth it, here are some thoughts on why patents matter to startups.

The USPTO site has a Startup Resources page with links to IP information and various centers that may be helpful to entrepreneurs.

Knowing where to start can be confusing. Here’s a helpful guide on patenting for startups.

Do you need a design patent or utility patent? This article will help you decide. You might want to file both.

A utility patent application will most likely get rejected, perhaps multiple times. This post explains what to expect in responding to a Patent Office.

How much does IP cost?

Startups always need to be conscious of costs. Here are helpful articles that shed some light on costs for obtaining IP and ways to save money:

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